Children’s services

We are a family friendly practice and encourage parents to introduce their children to regular dental check-ups from an early age. All of our children are seen on the NHS until they turn 18 or 19 if in full time education.

Our aim is to prevent decay by regular check-ups, advice and protective coatings on adult teeth as soon as they can be applied.

We feel that the dentist / child relationship and continuity of care are very important in building a child’s confidence, which is why we offer your child to always see the same dentist.

If your child needs braces, we refer to a trusted specialist.


Tooth coloured fillings

People are more aware of their fillings and often as old silver ones need to be replaced, tooth coloured ones are placed instead, giving a very natural look to your restored tooth.



Crowns are an ideal restoration for damaged or broken teeth, restoring a very pleasing colour and appearance in the mouth.

There are various types of crowns that we offer, depending on the individual’s need.



Bridges are used to replace missing teeth and involve using teeth beside or on either side of a gap. There are various different types of bridges available, from the ones that need very little tooth adjustment to more complex cases.

It is often advised to restore gaps to prevent other teeth from drifting or over erupting over time.



Dentures (also known as plates) can be used to replace several or all missing teeth. They are removable and can be made of various different materials depending on your needs.

There are three main types, the first being acrylic (which is a type of plastic), the second has a metal based framework for people with a very hard bite and the third is a flexible type to replace smaller gaps.


Root canal treatment

Sometimes decay or trauma can lead to an abscess, meaning that the tooth is dying. Often it is possible to save the tooth by having root canal treatment. This involves cleaning the inside of the tooth and roots to remove the dying or dead nerve. The tooth can then be restored back to function.

This procedure can take several visits and occasionally the more complicated cases may require referral to a trusted specialist in this field.


Tooth removal

Occasionally teeth for one reason or another cannot be fixed / saved and need to be removed.

We understand that this can often be a concern for patients but having had teeth out ourselves we feel that we can empathise and support you through this process.

For particularly nervous patients we can offer a specialist referral for sedation if needed.


Children’s sports mouth guards

Many schools and teams require your children to have mouth guards before they can take part in contact sports. We can have these made within 10 days, in various colours as required.

However due to your child’s mouth changing (losing baby teeth and gaining adult ones) we do not always recommend custom made gum shields on every occasion, but are happy to discuss this with you.