Covid Patient Appointment Update

Our plan is to phone and speak to most patients the day before your appointment with us. During this conversation we will update any medical issues and medication, chat about any dental issues and update your email address.

If you are feeling unwell for any reason please do not come into the practice, or if you suspect you have covid-19 please stay at home and follow the NHS guidance.

All patients will be seen by appointment only. Please do not turn up without having rung the practice first as we will not be able to see you without a pre-arranged appointment.

Please make sure you have added Dentist 01392 273472 to your mobile phone contacts list.

Please arrive at the Practice only 5 minutes before your appointment time.

Please remember to bring any paperwork etc you’ve been asked to return.

Ring us to let us know you are here. Please DO NOT come into the practice, as the door will be locked.

Leave any unnecessary belongings in the car, or at home. We will ask you to leave coats/handbags in an individual sealed box which will be stored behind reception while you are in the surgery.

The current guidance is that patients are not to use our toilet facilities, so brush your teeth and use the loo before you leave home or work.

Attend on your own unless you are a child or need assistance as the waiting rooms are not currently being used.

Try to arrive cool and calm, don’t run or cycle fast to the appointment as your body temperature will be raised and you may appear feverish.

Once at the practice you will be greeted at the door, have your temperature taken and will be asked if there are any changes to your Covid-19 status since yesterday.

If all is OK you will be invited in and asked to sanitise your hands. You will then be given a mask to wear. Some patients may be asked to wear gloves depending on which surgery we will be using.

You will be escorted to the surgery where your Dentist and a nurse will be waiting. We will look a little different with our masks and gowns on, but it’s still us underneath it all.

I know we have a lot of catching up to do, but unfortunately during this initial phase, conversation will be short due to the time constraints and the different masks.

When you are seated you will be asked to swish your mouth for a minute with a mouth wash, given safety glasses and a bib to wear.

The treatment planned will begin.

Once the treatment is finished you will be unable to rinse or spit into the spittoon as this is no longer advised.

You will be escorted from the surgery, wearing your mask +/- gloves.

Any further treatment will be planned carefully and payment will be taken. We may phone you to book other appointments if several are needed.

Again, can we ask that you don’t have long conversations with the receptionist so as to reduce the risk of a patient crossover as much as possible.

You will be reunited with your belongings and asked to place your mask in the bin before leaving.

Thank you for helping us to help you, as all our safety is of paramount importance.

See you soon

All the team at Irish and King.

Full Range of Treatment

This well established dental practice in Exeter offers a full range of treatment, both NHS and Private, including implants, tooth whitening, and hygienist services.

Friendly & Professional

Our aim is to offer a friendly and professional service to all of our patients, young and old, in a relaxed environment.

Price Guide 2018

Denplan Essentials patients get 10% off all costs except extra hygienist appointments and implants.

Get in Touch

We endeavour to carry out any agreed treatment to the best of our ability in a professional manner and in a relaxed environment.

“Our aim is to offer a friendly and professional service to all of our patients, young and old, in a relaxed environment.”

Family Friendly Practice

We are a family friendly practice and encourage parents to introduce their children to regular dental check-ups from an early age. All of our children are seen on the NHS until they turn 18 or 19 if in full time education.

Our aim is to prevent decay by regular check-ups, advice and protective coatings on adult teeth as soon as they can be applied.

Tooth Whitening & Implants

As we get older, people sometimes find that their teeth appear a darker colour. This is a natural aging process and once the whitening procedure has been completed the teeth should never return to the darker colour again.

It is also a starting point for all cosmetic cases and smile makeovers. Often brides and grooms have it done before their big day.

Airflow polishing

Airflow polishing is a technique that uses air, water and a fine powder (Erythritol or Sodium Bicarbonate) to disrupt bacterial biofilm and remove plaque from the tooth surface. Airflow would also remove staining caused by coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco use. The result is instant.

Airflow can be more comfortable for patients with sensitive teeth. It can be safely used in areas of gum disease, around implants, bridges, veneers and crowns.

The feedback from our patients who have had this treatment so far has been extremely positive.

Please click on the link below to see an example of the Airflow technique and what this could do for you.

Meet the team


Aidan qualified from Trinity College Dublin and joined the practice with Phillip in 1992 and became a partner in 1999.

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